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Our Curriculum

Top Schools in Hyderabad

Pallavi Aware School, the top schools in Hyderabad, is committed to impart the best academic curriculum, so to transact effectively the syllabus chosen for the Primary school (classes Pre-primary to grade VI), we have adopted best practices of CBSE curriculum. Inquiry-based structured learning. The method followed is to present topics from our syllabus through activities of different kinds that focus on nurturing and developing a certain set of skills and aptitude for the subject.

Testing and examination can be oral, inscribed or both. Equal importance and weightage will be given to both Formative and summative assessments. This system of continuous assessment is designed to ensure that every student takes responsibility for his/her learning.

Our School has

  1. Strong academic and sport lineage
  2. Creative clubs- with emphasis on Hands-on activities
  3. Robotics
  4. We Aim at Personalized teaching
  5. Foreign languages as part of Curriculum
Top Schools in Hyderabad

Annual Evaluation Report

The Annual Evaluation Report is an interpretation of each student’s cumulative performance during an academic session in conventional assignments, projects, weekly tests and in the Summative assessment.

Co- Curricular & Extra Curricular Activities

The main characteristic of the work of any good school is Academic structure. However, a good school should be a center of overall excellence where all individual talents, faculties and potential of students are discovered, nurtured and sustained. We being one of the top schools in Hyderabad, have the best and advanced curriculum structure.

Top Schools in Hyderabad
Top Schools in Hyderabad

School Rules

It is always in the spirit rather than in the letter that the prosperity of any set of rules lies. Rules subsist only to enable members of the community as both individuals and part of the more immense group to ken what is expected of them and adscititiously to understand the norms guiding their conduct concerning different aspects of their lives.

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