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The School avails children to learn and grow in a warm and stimulating environment which makes learning fun and also has an ever cherishing experience. We endeavor to engender an environment where children not only learn but additionally love to learn. The pre-primary school curriculum has been designed to nurture the diminutive tots and develop their innate ingeniousness. The Programme goals are aimed at the following developmental domains.

Personal, Social, Emotional Development

This domain develops aplomb and the prosperous ways in which one can interact with friends and adults. Exhibit a positive disposition to learn, cooperate and to reverence the environment.

Mathematical Development

This domain develops the utilization of felicitous mathematical language, quandary solving / critical celebrating and perception process which enables children to expand their construal of numbers.

Creative Development

This domain develops the expression of their conceptions and noetic conceptions by utilizing a wide range of congruous materials.

Language Development

This domain develops efficacious oral communication skills; articulating in consummate sentences, and understanding of book vigilance. Exhibits the facility to relish a wide range of musical compositions, rhymes, poems, music, and stories.

Environmental Sciences Development

This domain develops curiosity and interest in the world around them by heedfully aurally perceiving, investigating, querying and seeking assistance to further information.

Physical Development

This domain develops body balance while tackling obstacles and equipment, facility to utilize minuscule muscles in hands and eye and hand coordination. Understand the consequentiality of some rudimentary safety rules.

Knowledge and Understanding of the world around them

Under the supervision of experienced and dedicated teachers, we avail your child to understand and explore his immediate environment and the physical world. We additionally endeavor to inculcate them the rudimentary technique of exploring, querying and drawing conclusions from their cognition.

Cognitive Development

The curriculum of the pre-primary school level at Pallavi Aware School – Saroornagar, the top schools in Hyderabad, has been designed to introduce mathematical concepts simply and tangibly concentrating on one attribute at a time and progressing gradually. The edifications/lessons are congruously orchestrated fostering the development of problem-solving faculties through activities, visual examination, analysis, and discussions.

Language Arts and Phonics

Throughout the pre-primary school years, accentuation is laid on comprehension, making it an integral part of language development. Phonics is utilized to edify English in a structured manner. The prime objective of the program is to develop the habit of reading and verbalizing within your child.

Dedicated Pre Primary Space

Our school has a space dedicated to the preprimary section, a comfortable place for self-learning, through ingenious books under the supervision of teachers.

Physical and Personal Development

Physical and personal development is given paramountcy at Pallavi Aware School, the top schools in Hyderabad, as it is one of the most consequential aspects of the overall development. It fosters the development of gross motor skills, stamina, balance, rhythm, vigor, limberness, and concentration through a variety of indoor and outdoor games and activities.

Small Class-Size & Individual Attention

To provide felicitous individual attention, we maintain a very salubrious teacher-student ratio in each section.

Thematic Learning through Field trips

A very paramount aspect of the curriculum, we provide an opportunity for our children to experience authentic life situations by taking them for visits to the post offices, fire stations, aquariums, etc. thus enriching the cognition experience.

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