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Our Philosophy:

We at Pallavi Aware School believe that honor, justice, compassion, confidence, kindness, and consideration must be inculcated in each and every child. A pressing concern of the hour is the development of life skills such as creativity, critical thinking, soft skills and teamplay. Inculcation of positive attitudes, a sense of responsibility and social consciousness as citizens of the country form an important part of learning in the formative years. Our philosophy caters to a wide range of skills, discipline, specific knowledge, personal and interpersonal relationships. When a child passes out of the Pallavi Educational Society, he/she must be able to make a difference. A Pallavian is motivated to be an asset to the society and the world at large and at all times to do his/her best.

Quality Policy:

We at Pallavi Aware School seek to pursue global standards of excellence in all our endeavors, namely teaching-learning, guidance and counseling, research and innovation, and to remain accountable in our core values for our students’ continuous improvement.

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