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of DPS and Pallavi Group

“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.”

Carl Rogers

In the world, nothing is permanent but change. The truly learned one updates himself to accommodate the change. At Pallavi, we were determined to build an education system that is ready to adopt new technology, thus ensuring the young people are fully-equipped for the future.

Pallavi Aware School, Top CBSE Schools In Hyderabad, since its inception in 1994, has always strived in imparting quality education to young children entering its portals. Accepting the challenges and working tirelessly towards the goal has been the motto of Pallavi aware school. We are sure that Pallavi aware school will continue to work with the same spirit and gusto to leap towards a better and brighter future.

Mr. M. Kommariah

CEO & Director

of Pallavi Group

Founder and CEO of born bright, Yasasvi is a young entrepreneur, an alumnus of DPS, Nacharam。 With a great sense of responsibility to make the nation a better place he stepped into the field of education and takes keen interest in the upbringing of our group of schools . Trained from BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus in the field of civil engineering.He is invested in exploring, learning and creating distinct opportunities for all. He completed Minor in business psychology and entrepreneurship from university college of London. He is an Angel investor and growth hacker from Wharton school of Business, University of Pennsylvania (pencilvania). He is currently the chief operating officer of Balaji Arun Educational Soceity and leads from the forefront with various projects that capture the attention of the young generation.

Yasasvi Malka

Treasurer of Pallavi Aware School


of Pallavi Aware International School

“All Knowledge that the world has ever received comes from the mind and the infinite library of the universe is in your mind.”

Swami Vivekananda

We, at Pallavi, believe that every student that comes in has immense potential.

We believe teaching is a noble profession and we are on the mission of nurturing tender minds with novel and innovative ideas, thus achieving the desired success.

Ms. Pallavi

Chief Patron of Pallavi Aware School

Chief Patron

of Pallavi Aware International School

“All Knowledge that the world has ever received comes from the mind and the infinite library of the universe is in your mind.”

Swami Vivekananda

‘Jnanethu Kaivalyam’- Knowledge is liberation. Education is the first step in the journey to attaining knowledge. Education involved thinking (Chintan) and reflection (manan) during Vedic times as opposed to sheer reading and memorizing. Questioning is an important part of learning which makes students challenge themselves and stimulate the teacher’s thought process. Teaching and Learning is never one-way traffic. The teachers (gurus) should also place faith in the inherent potential of every student and encourage them to be interactive and innovative in learning.

AWARE, during its developmental journey spanning over four decades, has placed great relevance on education, albeit not necessarily always in the form of formal education. Awareness in itself is the commencement of gaining knowledge and a precursor for development. Whether it is village awareness programs, non-formal training events or formal education, AWARE has always inculcated the spirit of holistic learning and laid great emphasis on discipline and social responsibility.

It is gladdening to see that education at Pallavi AWARE School goes beyond the academic curriculum, extending to impart values, ethics, morals and social responsibility among its students. The fact that a healthy body compliments a healthy mind is well recognized in the School’s sporting infrastructure. I am sure parents can rest assured that the modern infrastructure, talented teachers and committed staff offer an ideal environment for the best teaching-learning experience that will immensely help the students.

I wish Pallavi AWARE School and all its students a great success.

Dr. P.K.S. Madhavan
Chairman – AWARE Group


of Pallavi Aware International School

“Every child is gifted. They just unwrap their packages at different times.”

Dear Students, Parents, and Faculty, I am honoured to serve as the new Principal of Pallavi Aware International School. I am excited to join this vibrant academic community and contribute to the continued success of our school. Pallavi Aware International School has a rich history of academic excellence and a strong commitment to providing a holistic education for all students. I am committed to upholding these traditions and building upon them to create an even more exceptional learning environment for our students. As we move forward, I am focused on several key priorities:

  • Academic Excellence: Our commitment extends not only to academic excellence but also to the challenging and rigorous curriculum that prepares them for success in college and professional lives. We will also focus on developing our students ; critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills.
  • Character Development: We nurture our students ; character and instil in them the virtues of respect, integrity, and compassion. We believe that character development is essential for creating a thriving school community and for preparing our students to become responsible and caring citizens.
  • Innovation and Technology: We will embrace innovation and technology to enhance our teaching and learning practices. We will provide our students with opportunities to learn about and use cutting-edge technologies, and we will use technology to personalize learning experiences.
  • Collaboration and Partnership: We believe that strong partnerships between parents, faculty, and students are essential for achieving our goals. We will continue to foster open communication and collaboration among all stakeholders in our school community.

I am confident that by working together, we can continue to make the school a place where all students can thrive and reach their full potential. I look forward to getting to know each of you better and working together to make Pallavi Aware International School an even more exceptional school.

Ms. Charu Jain

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